University Chair of Foreign Languages

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The Chair was formed in 1965, it is situated in the 7-th educational building of the University. It provides education of students to foreign languages at full and part-time departments of the Institute of Pedagogics and Psychology, the Faculty of Physics and Mathematics, the Natural-Geographic Faculty, the Pedagogical Faculty, the Faculty of Speech Pathology and the Faculty of Physical Training.

In the educational process the teachers of the Chair use the communicative method which allows students to get skills which are necessary to communicate in foreign languages in every-day situations and in the sphere of business communication.

Students master skills in a foreign language in a language laboratory of the Chair, they work with the newest educational programmes and foreign language resources in the Internet.

Directions of education: the English Language, the French Language, the Spanish Language.

Head of the Chair: Doctor of Philology, Professor Olga Sergeevna Egorova.

Address: 150000, Yaroslavl, Kotoroslnaya emb, 46-v.

Phone: (4852) 30-25-74