The Institute of Pedagogics and Psychology

From Ярославский педагогический университет
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The Institute was opened on January 1, 1996.

The structure of the Institute consists of 2 faculties: the Faculty of Social Management, the Faculty of Improvement of Professional Skills and Vocational Retraining

At the Institute there are 7 departments:

  • Theory and History of Pedagogics,
  • Pedagogical Technologies,
  • General and Social Psychology,
  • Pedagogical Psychology,
  • Social Pedagogics and Youth Work Management,
  • Education Management,
  • Theory and Methods of Vocational Education Training.

The Institute of Pedagogics and Psychology cooperates with scientists from Poland, Lithuania, Germany, the Netherlands, Ukraine, Kazakhstan, Israel and the USA.

The training is done on the programmes of the Specialist's Degree, the Bachelor's Degree, the Master's Degree, Postgraduate study and doctoral candidacy. 2 councils are functioning where you may defend dissertations to be awarded a Candidate's and Doctor's degree.

The Institute is situated in 2 buildings along the Kotorosl Embankment (Kotoroslnaya emb. 44, Chaykovsky street, 2)

Headmaster: Candidate of Pedagogics, Oleg Valentinovich Soloviov

Address: Russia, 150000, Yaroslavl, Kotoroslnaya emb., 44

Phone: (4852) 30-55-62