The Institute of Hemogenomics Problems

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The Institute was founded on the basis of the scientific laboratory of the Organic Chemistry Department at the beginning of 2007 and it was initiated by Doctor of Chemistry, Professor M.V.Dorogov. There are 3 scientific and research laboratories: Thin Organic Synthesis, Computer and Combined Chemistry, Analytical Quantity Control of Scientific Technical Production. The Institute makes complex scientific researches on working out the methods of the synthesis of original heterocyclic combinations having the potential biological activity which are perspective candidates to create innovative medical remedies of a new generation. The researches done in the Institute are financed by the federal budget and non-budget resources.

Headmaster: Candidate of Chemistry, Associate Professor Aleksei Vladimirovich Smirnov.

Address: Russia, 150000, Kotoroslnaya emb., 46

Phone: (4852) 73-15-29